Returnable (2019)

Returnable series encompasses an economic experiment in associating one third of the selling price of 12 artworks with non-fungible tokens of the ERC-721 type minted on the Ethereum mainnet. At the time of each piece’s acquisition, a corresponding token was purchased on a decentralized market, and the value was allocated in a capitalization process with a co-ownership regime that after about two years returned to the wallets listed in the collages the equivalent to the full value. Private keys giving access to the wallets are noted on the back of the collages, but covered with a silver sheet, making it necessary for collections wanting to access the allocated capital to destroy the works.

graffiti, dry pastel, silver leaf and collage on cardboard housed in felt and aluminum notice board; non-fungible token (ERC-721), time, and capitalization process
50x40x5.5 cm
blockchain: Ethereum
contract address: 0xdea185b66a1223bc5719f4cf7d3a159f957e10bb
tokenIDs: 0 to 11
Unique editions