The Transitional Fossil (2011)

This series was co-authored with André Parente, Bernardo Mosqueira, Diana de Hollanda, Franz Manata, Lula Rodrigues, Marcelo Neder, Marcos Pereira, OPAVIVARÁ!, Ronaldo Lemos, Ricardo Borrmann, Saulo Laudares and Vivian Caccuri. With each of them, I created an image to be printed using the carbro technique, an ultra-stable photographic process made of carbon and bromide that resembles the idea of a ceramic impression. The project was contemplated in the 11th Funarte Marc Ferrez Photography Prize of Funarte, the prints were made by Richard McCowan in Idyllwild, USA. The established dialogues have created a critical approach towards the future from the world in which we put our thoughts into practice today.

12 carbro prints
35,6x28 or 28x35,6cm
editions of 3 + 1 AP