Anti-theft Painting (2011)

This series results from appropriation of the images of observes and reverses of banknotes marked by an anti-theft device in explosions of ATM’s. After an authorization issued by the Currency Department of the Central Bank, photographic reproductions were made.

Untitled (Banknotes)
metallic c-prints (one side) or offset prints (two sides)
editions of 25 + 4 AP (metallic c-print); 50.000 (offset print)
6,5×14 cm

A color selection subtracts from the image the yellow and orange hues, highlighting in this accidental expression everything that makes money worthless. Pictorial trace as a leftover of a furtive social landscape. Editions of bills were printed and distributed in 2011, Casa França-Brasil; 2012, Capacete; 2016, Solar dos Abacaxis, and 2018, Villa Medici.

Untitled (Mosaic)
metallic c-print
56×156 cm
edition of 5 + 1 AP