Miniverses (2020)

Miniverses (2020) is a series composed of details found within a domestic landscape. Utensils, food and medicines were illuminated with studio light and photographed with a macro lens, revealing shadows, reflections and textures that most often go unnoticed. 

Each one of the images is unique and was printed only once. At the time of purchase, the right of ownership is extended with the right of reproduction of the works of this series: the collector also receives the high-resolution file authenticated on the OriginalMy platform, and can make additional copies in other formats and techniques.

If additional copies are monetized, a duty is formalized with the owner to reserve the profit at 35% for their own benefit, 15% for a publicly relevant non-profit initiative, 25% for Portas Vilaseca Galeria and 25% for the artist.


inkjet prints on cotton paper, and anhenticated digital file
20x20 cm (print), 4000x4000 px (file)
unique edition