Not a mutiny (2014)

Three-dimensional essay about the street-sweepers’ strike, their protest signs during the carnival of 2014 in Rio de Janeiro and part of the result of this absence. After eight days, unimaginable amounts of trash were regnant all over the streets. A settlement with the city hall ended the strike, establishing that the wage (before R$802,57) would now be of R$1.100,00 (+37%), and daily food allowance, from R$12,00 to R$20,00 (+66%); and over that and additional of 40% for insalubrious activity. The final salary was R$1.540,00. During the first days of the strike, the authorities disqualified the movement as a “simple mutiny”.

anaglyph (3D) inkjet prints on cotton paper
24×18 cm, each
3 + 1 AP